Push to take away your right to elect Jacksonville's school leaders and give the power to the Mayor

Proposal to appoint school board

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jason Fischer, a state lawmaker who also used to be a member of the Duval County School Board, has proposed a new bill that would essentially give Mayor Lenny Curry the power to appoint members of the Duval County School Board.

Right now, all 67 of Florida’s school districts have elected school boards.

Fischer filed the bill at a time when the school board and City Hall are at odds over a half cent sales tax increase to repair aging schools  
 Action News Jax asked Fischer about taking the right to vote for a school board away from voters.

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"I think it’s a false narrative to say anyone is taking power away from voters. We serve as elected officials. This is power inherent in the Florida constitution." Fischer said.


The bill says current school board members would serve out their term, Chairwoman Lori Hershey said voters should have the power to elect their school leaders.

"This is disheartening to me it’s concerning to me." Hershey said.

Hershey believes most parents would want to have a say.

"It’s very concerning to me; that we are in a place in our history here in Duval County where we are looking to take away voters rights."

In order for this bill to take effect, it would have to be approved by the state Legislature.

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