• "I feel violated," Putnam County deputies say local women, children are being secretly recorded

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


    Putnam County deputies issued a warning to women after local moms, teenagers -- even children -- have been recorded against their will.

    The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office does not believe a crime occurred.

    Danyelle Louise runs Holy Light Tattoo Shop in Palatka.

    Her body art is part of how a friend noticed her in a now-removed YouTube video taken without her consent and posted with an offensive caption.

    “I feel violated, I do, especially when the captions and stuff that he’s putting it under,” Louise said.  “I feel very violated.”

    She’s only one of the women Putnam County deputies said a man is targeting in local stores.

    Many of the videos are too graphic for television, but the Sheriff's Office said his videos often depict female backsides from a low angle accompanied with words such as "sexy."

    As of now, PCSO Maj. Steve Rose said he hasn’t broken the law.

    “Under the statutes in Florida, the only thing that may be close to it is video voyeurism, but to meet the elements and the criteria for that statute, the person has to be in a place where there’s an expectation of privacy,” Maj. Rose said.

    Action News Jax found one of the videos and reported the account.  

    YouTube had it quickly removed.

    A spokesperson said YouTube has, “Strict policies that prohibit content depicting someone in a sexualized manner without their consent.”

    Louise just hopes this person stops.

    “Now I have to walk around and be worried that any little thing I do or where I’m at,” Louise said.  “It’s very scary.”

    PCSO said if women catch this man doing this in a store to not confront him, but to direct an employee to call the police. 


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