• Fant wins District 15 race by two votes

    By: Samuel King


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The race for House District 15 is over.

    After a manual recount, election leaders said Jay Fant defeated Paul Renner by two votes in the Florida Primary election.

    The final tally: 5,962 votes for Fant, 5,960 for Renner.

    Fant had a three vote lead after Tuesday night, but after a machine and manual recount, the lead got whittled down to two.

    In the Duval County School Board District 2 race, the recounts showed Sam Hall with a four vote win over Theresa Graham for a spot in a runoff.  Hall will face Scott Shine in November.

    The machines began humming just after 10 a.m. at the Supervisor of Elections office in North Jacksonville, as part of a mandatory recount of ballots in the Republican primary in state House District 15 and in the Duval County School Board District 2 election.

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    “Some will be very clear that the voter just decided not to vote for either one,” said Jerry Holland, Duval County Supervisor of Elections. “The ones that a little more time is maybe when the voter didn’t follow the instructions and did things like circle the names of the people they wanted.”

    The deadline for completion is 5 p.m Tuesday.

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