• District 15 recount to begin Thursday

    By: Samuel King


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland said early Wednesday the recount for the District 15 race will begin Thursday morning due to the requirements regarding public notification.

    Elections officials worked into the night to count ballots in the race - absentee and provisional. Paul Renner was here to watch to watch the process.

    Renner said once it became clear that the margin would be razor-thin, he rushed up to One Imeson to watch  the process.  He says he knew the race would be close but not this close.

    "I think it just goes to show how important every vote is," said Renner.  "But we'll see where it all plays out but we're looking forward to seeing all the votes counted."

    Challenger Jay Fant remained at his headquarters off Roosevelt Boulevard.

    "We have an exciting day," said Fant.  "The volunteers and I have been out campaigning finishing up a great day and finishing up hard work.  As the returns have come in it has been razor thin every step of the way, which is exciting."

    You can view real time voting results for the district 15 GOP primary race here

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