Redesign of Hogan’s Creek will be presented Tuesday night

SPRINGFIELD, Fla. — If you live in the Springfield Historic District, you can chime in on a project to help redesign Hogan’s Creek and address persistent flooding along its banks.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Maddie Rutherford Center (1514 Hubbard St.).

Hogan’s Creek is a pillar in the Springfield community, and its adjacent parks offer locals like Max Needell a chance to unwind.

“It’s pretty quiet,” Needell said. “It’s just a good vibe in the morning.”

“I love this park,” he added. “It’s a pretty good disc golf course.”

But when it rains, he knows the creek can overflow.

“I just go to a different park,” he pointed out. “That’s probably one of the bigger problems over here, is it takes four or five days to dry up after a significant amount of rain.”

The City of Jacksonville’s nonprofit partner, Groundwork Jacksonville, will be presenting a draft redesign of the creek for public feedback.

Action News Jax reached out to find out which proposals it will share.

Its CEO Kay Ehas told Action News Jax the conceptual plan is not finished, and she did not have anything to provide before the meeting.

However, we know there are already ideas to improve this area.

Like the Trail Master Plan, which would improve the creek’s water quality.

The Springfield Preservation and Revitalization group told Action News Jax that one idea is to transform Hogan’s Creek into a natural creek, which may involve widening it.

Before and potential after images can be seen on Groundwork Jax’s website.

The Trail Master Plan would eventually turn the creek into a recreational area, where people can kayak, paddleboard and fish.

“I think that would look pretty cool, absolutely,” Needell said.

It’s not clear though if these will be part of tonight’s discussion, but the City of Jacksonville sent out the following tweet encouraging Springfield residents and business owners to attend: