Report: Clay County man thought he was helping alpacas by feeding them Doritos

A Clay County Sheriff's Office report says the 59-year-old man accused of feeding alpacas junk food knew what he was doing but didn't think he was hurting the animals.

A baby alpaca died at Creekside Animal Hospital last week after a 36-hour fight to save him after the animal became sick.

Veterinarians said that the baby alpaca died as a result of the ingestion of junk foods such as Doritos, kettle corn, cheese crackers, Jimbo's Jumbos, Penny's Sticker Pretzels and animal crackers.

The suspect would leave the bags behind and would also give them soda, the report said.

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The man had been feeding the alpacas the junk food for some time, the report says, and sometimes left all the trash behind. The report added that the man told deputies that he promised not to feed the alpacas Doritos anymore. The man also promised to stay away from the area.

The man was confronted once when witnesses saw him dumping junk food over the fence. He fled in his car when approached, the report said.

Staff at the animal hospital were told to contact deputies if the man ever returned to the area.