• Report: Jacksonville teen accused of killing grandma had knives under his bed, former nanny says

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


    A former nanny for the teen accused of killing his grandmother told the Daily Mail that she used to lock her bedroom door because she was scared for her life.  

    That local woman, Debbie Gallardo, also said Logan Mott, 15, kept a stash of knives under his bed.

    She said she cared for Mott when he was 10.

    Gallardo said that one night, Mott heard a noise and came down carrying a 16-inch hunting knife like a torch. She said it was like a scene from a horror movie.

    Action News Jax asked Gallardo why she decided to come forward with this information now and she replied via text message, "I had told someone and they were going to share the story."

    When we asked Gallardo if she thought Mott was capable of doing something like this, she replied, "Not the boy I babysat at 10."

    Logan's mother Carrie Campbell-Mott has said her son would never hurt anyone and that he loved his grandmother, Kristina French, and they had a very close and wonderful relationship.

    Prosecutors said French died from being stabbed and shot multiple times.  

    They said when Logan Mott was captured near the Canadian border last Friday, he had a bloody knife and three of his father’s guns with him.

    New documents obtained by Action News Jax show what those guns were.

    According to a Neptune Beach Police Department incident report, a pump action shotgun was stolen, as well as two 40-caliber Glock pistols belonging to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

    Mott’s father is a corrections officer with JSO.

    Action News Jax law and safety expert Dale Carson said he’s required to keep the guns secure.

    “We know there’s a safe,” Carson said. “We know that the guns are missing. We don’t know that it was locked. If it wasn’t locked then it’s not really safe, right? So all of those are factors that have to be looked at.”

    Carson said Mott’s father could be charged.

    He told a 911 dispatcher that keypad was broken off the safe.

    The report states that another gun -- a revolver -- was also taken. It belonged to Mott’s father’s girlfriend.

    So far, prosecutors have only said that Mott had three of his father’s guns with him.  

    Right now, Mott is in a juvenile detention facility in Buffalo, New York. He'll have an extradition hearing Friday morning and could be back in the area that day.

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