Report: Lake City car theft suspect falls out of tree trying to escape

Jacob Chosie

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A car theft suspect from Tennessee was injured when he fell from a tree while trying to elude the Lake City Police, a report said.

A police report released by Lake City authorities said that Jacob Chosie, 34, of Knoxville, Tenn., climbed a tree on Feb. 19. Chosie was attempting to escape on foot after reports of an armed man that was acting suspiciously near a local motel.

The call triggered a four-hour chase in which several citizens reported than an unnamed man tried to gain access to multiple homes. One homeowner spotted Chosie on her home security camera and notified the police, leading to the location of the suspect.

When cornered, police said, Chosie climbed a tall tree nearby. Other officers climbed nearby trees and attempted to talk the suspect down -- to no avail.

When police tried to physically apprehend Chosie, he fell to the base of the tree, sustaining multiple fractures.

Police are still looking for the gun Chosie is reported to have carried and are asking citizens to call them if they see it.

Chosie is charged with burglary, trespassing, car theft and resisting arrest.

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