Report: Sugar daddy gives St. Johns County woman bounced check

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An 18-year-old woman's bank account was over drafted by around $1,600 after she received a fraudulent check from her sugar daddy, according to a St. Johns County Sheriff's Office report.

The woman told authorities that she met her sugar daddy, Paul Siek, on a sugar dating app and had been communicating with him for a while.

They formed an agreement that he would pay her to keep him company, the report said.

The man would often over pay her and was asked to place the difference on iTunes gift cards and send them to him, she said.

The woman said the man claimed to be 41 years old and lives in Houston, Texas.

She told deputies she received a $2,000.55 check from him and he told her to keep $500 and send the rest back to him on iTunes gift cards.

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The woman said she assumed everything was fine until her bank account was frozen due to being over drafted by around $1,600. She noticed Siek's name was in the memo line and there were two other names on the check.

The check had the name Robert S. Smith, MD inc. at the top but was signed by another person.

Deputies said the signature was difficult to see but appeared to be signed by someone named Kris Starr.

Authorities were unable to locate the people named on the check.