Report: Yulee man caught huffing at Walmart, had seven cans around him

Sean Humberson (Nassau County Sheriff's Office) 

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A Yulee man was seen lying on the ground, shaking and inhaling from a can of compressed air outside a Nassau County Walmart, deputies said in a report.

Sean Humberson, 31, was found next to a dumpster with seven cans of Dust-Off around him, the report said. He was taken to Baptist Medical Center Nassau for evaluation and was later arrested and charged with inhaling dangerous chemicals and for trespassing after an earlier warning.

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Humberson was charged with trespassing after a warning because he had been observed huffing air cans in the parking lot before, deputies said.

On March 12, 2018, Humberson had 50 cans of the Dust-Off around him but was not actively inhaling them, the report said .

Walmart staff had requested that Humberson be not allowed on the property for one year.