Car full of bullet holes after morning shooting in Jacksonville neighborhood


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police are investigating at Old Middleburg Road and Steamboat Road on Jacksonville's Westside after a shooting left a car riddled with bullets and a driver with a hand wound.

Police tape stretched from a shooting scene to a neighborhood park is what neighbors in the Westin subdivision off Old Middleburg Road said they saw shortly after they heard gunfire Thursday morning.

Photos: Car riddled with dozens of bullet holes; Jacksonville police investigating 

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Officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office have the area roped off around a car with dozens of bullet holes at the Westin subdivision. JSO said they went to the scene at 7 a.m. Thursday.

The driver of the car was taken to Orange Park Medical after being shot in the hand, according to police.

A nearby house and SUV were also hit by the gunfire.

Samantha Warford told Action News Jax, “It was like tapping on wood, like something coming down – that’s what I heard.”

Javin McKnight, who lives in the neighborhood said, “We got out here and the car was riddled with bullets and there was blood on the door and stuff.”

According to investigators, despite the dozens of bullet holes in the car and shell casings on the ground, the driver escaped with only a hand injury.

“I didn’t think it would just be their hand because there was a bunch of bullet holes in the windshield and the rear window,” McKnight said.

Officers said someone helped the man to the hospital.

Police at this time, do not know if the victim ever fired a gun.

As of Thursday evening police were still searching for the other vehicle involved but weren’t releasing a description to the community.

Homeowners said they’re constantly hearing about crime in surrounding areas of Jacksonville but never in their neighborhood.

JSO’s crimemapping tool showed in the past week there were 14 reported incidents within a mile radius but none in the subdivision.

Warford said, “More people are coming out, so, it’s not a bad neighborhood there’s crime everywhere.”

Some families said they’re looking into security cameras, others said they were getting to know members of the community better and looking out for one another.

JSO said that anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers.


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