Puppy presumably thrown from car recovering in Georgia

Puppy presumably thrown from car recovering in Georgia

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A puppy that is believed to have been thrown from a moving vehicle at 3 days old is recovering.

Bosley’s Place, a rescue orphanage for newborn puppies, said the puppy came into their care after being dumped at a fire station on Fairburn Road in southwest Atlanta.

Firemen took it to Fulton County Animal Services, Bosley’s Place employees said.

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They said they rushed over to pick her up and took her to Loving Hands Animal Clinic in Alpharetta.

“After the veterinarian evaluated the puppy, she felt the injuries were consistent with the puppy being tossed from a moving vehicle,” Jennifer Siegel with Bosley’s Place said.

She said they want to help locate anyone who may know about the puppy’s previous owner.

“She has a long road ahead of her for recovery and the medical care will cost quite a bit,” Siegel said.