• Resident calls speeding State Road 9B drivers 'NASCAR wanna-be losers'

    By: Ben Becker , Action News Jax


    The third and final phase of State Road 9B is officially completely open, and it’s making the commute quicker for drivers in St. Johns County, but perhaps it's too quick. 

    Action News Jax 's Ben Becker stood alongside the road with a speed gun and clocked drivers going more than 80 mph.

    “I just took it last night,” says neighbor Rhiannon Richard. The pregnant mother of a 3-year-old who lives nearby off St. Johns Parkway - which has sidewalks - can see the vehicles zooming by to get on 9B.

    “I haven’t walked there since they were doing a lot of construction,” said Richard. When asked if she plans to again, she responded “Probably not.”

    The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has taken notice and sent out a tweet saying in part, “We will start strict enforcement on the new 9B from St. Johns Parkway in the near future with the goal of keeping our motorists safe.”

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    One positing from a driver on social media said, “Today we had several Nascar wanna-be-losers flying in and out of traffic at 60+ miles per hour.”

    Richard understands what she signed up for by moving to a growing area of St. Johns County “You have to take the good with the bad,” she said.

    Action News Jax reached out to the Florida Department of Transportation about a name change for 9B and whether there are enough speed limit signs on the road, and received this statement in response:

    “In regards to your question of renaming State Road 9B to I-795, similar to FDOT’s development of Interstate 295, which was once known as State Road 9A, FDOT intends for the stretch of State Road 9B between Interstate 95 north to Interstate 295 to become part of the interstate system in the future. For this proposal to happen, FDOT must work with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to verify that State Road 9B meets certain federal guidelines and standards. There is currently no timetable for this to be completed. Regarding your inquiry of speed limit signs on State Road 9B, all new construction projects must follow state design standards. Signing and marking plans are part of our design standards and are reviewed for accuracy before the opening of a roadway. Any issues with motorists not following the posted speed limit should be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency.”

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