Residents claim Jacksonville apartment complex overrun with rat droppings

Man says apartment is infested with rats

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man says his apartment is infested with rats.

An Action News Jax investigation revealed he’s not the only one who has complained to property management about the problem.

Derick Spiller and his 13-year-old daughter Patience have been living in a two-bedroom apartment at Kings Trail Apartments for three years.

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Spiller says throughout the night he can hear rats moving back and forth in the attic.

He also says the problem has gotten so bad that his daughter can’t even sleep in her own bed at night because of rat droppings.

Sometimes you see just a flash.

“We can’t live with the rats,” Spiller said.

Sometimes they attack children.



“Me and my daughter have been taking a chance on getting bit. They do bite,” explained Spiller.

Rats have practically taken over Spiller’s home on the southside.

“You see it, that’s not hamburger meat,” he added.

As bad as this is, he says it’s even worse at night.

“I have to throw a perfect bed away because of the rat feces all over it,” Spiller said.

On Tuesday, a local pest control worker was brought in to help remedy the rat problem.

During our interview, the worker found several dead rats in Spiller's attic.

“Are you finding anything up there?" Spiller asked, "Four replied the pest control worker.”

“They seem to think peanut butter works but it is not working at all,” Spiller said.

Action News Jax went by the property managers office and made several calls to them to learn what is being done to fix the issue but couldn’t get through to anyone.

“It’s a bad situation. I don’t like it. Just don’t know what to do,” said Spiller.

Spiller says he can only wait until things get better because he has nowhere else to go.

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