Residents concerned over fish kill in Green Cove Springs

Neighbors in Green Cove Springs are concerned about dozens of dead fish floating in the canal behind their home.

Laurie and Aaron Browse live a few feet away from the canal that is part of Black Creek.

"All of the fish that I have been feeding for the last two years, it just seems like they are all dead, and there doesn't seem to be any life left in the water," Laurie said.

The couple called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission several times over the weekend, and they finally visited the area Monday to take pictures and collect a water sample.

FWC said fish kills happen frequently throughout the state, and can be caused naturally by temperature changes.

FWC told Action News Jax that it will be a few days before they are able to know what happened in this particular case.

Meanwhile, the Browse's are left having to cleanup up the remaining fish in the canal.