Residents in Jacksonville's Oceanway neighborhood having issues getting packages from USPS

Mail carriers accused of not delivering packages

Neighbors in Oceanway are still having problems with the United States Postal Service.

Those living in North Creek say on days when they’re supposed to have packages delivered, they’re not getting them.

One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said what they are getting is an email or a note saying, “unable to deliver, attempted delivery,”

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She tells Action News Jax that she had surveillance video that shows the mail person not even getting out of the truck to see if anyone was home.

“When I checked the camera and she pulled through and there wasn’t another mail truck that came through, I was like, 'OK so she decided what?' Partially through the neighborhood that she wasn’t going to deliver our package?” said a North Creek neighbor.

Other neighbors tell a similar story.

They say a postal worker came by on day their package should have been delivered and put a note inside their mailbox saying, “Sorry we missed you.”

They say the mail person never got out to check if anyone was home.

Neighbors say they’ve gone to the post office to complain and nothing has been done.

We've reached out to USPS to get answers for customers. We're waiting to hear back.