• Restaurant Report: Inspectors find 'too many dead roaches to count' at Tamarind Thai in Jacksonville

    By: Ben Becker , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Your health and safety: It's the reason Action News Jax goes out every week to get answers in the Original Restaurant Report.

    Inspectors visit thousands of restaurants, but it's rare when an inspection finds too many roaches to count.

    Action News Jax’s Ben Becker paid a visit to Tamarind Thai on Riverside Avenue, where, according to inspectors, there were “too many dead roaches to count.” 

    They also found roach droppings and found the equipment drain line in the hand-wash sink and the restaurant was temporarily closed.
    "Is it safe to eat here?” Becker asked one employee. 

    “I eat here every day. I mean, I cook food and I eat and we try our best," the employee said.

    Whitey's Fish Camp In Orange Park was cited for one small live roach, an accumulation of mold in the ice machine and utensils in poor condition.

    At Dalton's Sports Grill In Middleburg, inspectors discovered live small flying insects in the kitchen, potentially hazardous food temperatures and put a stop sale on food not in wholesome condition.

    At Clark's Fish Camp in Jacksonville, inspectors say there was an objectionable odor in the establishment, a small flying insect in the bar area and a soiled soda gun.

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