Jacksonville Marine opens coffee shop catered to veterans transitioning home

Local veteran helping other vets transition

A local veteran is giving back to the community by helping transition other veterans into civilian life.

Jason Kelloway is the owner of Social Grounds Coffee Company in Springfield at 1712 Main St. N., Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Before pouring his heart into the business, Kelloway had to rebuild himself.

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The Marine Corps veteran found himself in a downward spiral after his time in the service.

“There was one point in my life, I didn’t think I could even take care of myself, I had nothing, I lost everything, I really had to work on me.”

At one point, homeless in Jacksonville for two years, living out of his car, he even attempted suicide.

Kelloway’s faith in God set him on a path of purpose, he began serving coffee to homeless on a Jacksonville street corner.

He then set out on a mission, to start his own coffee shop, and help other veterans struggling just like he had.

So far, the shop has employed two veterans, working with them, while Kelloway’s mentors them.

“Being able to say stay in the fight make good decisions we’re here for you.”

Jason’s mission is to shape the lives of veterans, one cup of coffee at a time.

Social grounds also has a corporate championship with Wounded Warrior Project.

On Dec. 22nd, Kelloway will host a potluck for veterans and members of the community, at 313 W. Union Street in Jacksonville at Cup of Love Ministry. ​