Retired Jacksonville police officer opens up about murder of daughter

Father shares daughter's domestic violence story

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Retired JSO officer Ernest Martin opened up about the murder of his daughter Nikekecheana Phillips.

The mother of two was only 27-years-old when she was killed.

Martin says his daughter was in an abusive relationship for years, and she took the steps to get a restraining order, but less than 24 hours after her ex-boyfriend was served, police say he killed her.

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Martin who was on duty at the time, heard the call go out over his police radio.

"I was monitoring my radio, and during that time I heard the dispatch call the suspect name…when I heard that, I knew it was my daughter... Of course I went to the scene and rescue was there at the time and pronounced her," Martin said.

Police say the suspect was hiding out in Phillip's home, when she tried to get away, he shot her.

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It happened December 2018 outside of a home on Hunt Street.

Police arrested Eric Jackson and charged him with her murder.

“Being a dad…. being a parent and losing a child… you never know what that feels like …but my worst experience as a police officer… knowing all the calls concerning domestic was, hearing the call related to my child… that was the worst call I’d ever been to.” Martin said

Martin opened up today, hoping any woman in a dangerous relationship might be encouraged to seek help.

"When you love something you don’t hurt it especially physically you don’t hurt it."