• Restaurant Report: Rodent droppings close Jacksonville sushi restaurant

    By: Romney Smith , Action News Jax


    This week two restaurants were shut down but they both had some serious pest control issues.

    At Wasabi Sushi Fang, a health inspector counted 23 live roaches, saw an employee touching ready to eat food with their bare hands, and issued a stop sale on lettuce since an employee touched it. Wasabi Sushi Fang was temporarily closed for more than 24 hours and was allowed to reopen after the follow up inspection.

    At New Palatka Buffet, a health inspector counted 22 rodent droppings and witnessed an employee touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands. The inspector also saw medicine on ready-to-eat food. That violation was corrected on the spot. New Palatka Buffet was temporarily shut down, but reopened the next day after a follow-up inspection.

    And at Atlantic Beach Road Chicken Dinner, an inspector saw an employee drink from a cup, then make biscuits with without washing their hands.  The inspector noted cheese sauce with a mold like growth, and dish machine sanitizer too weak to clean. A follow-up inspection is required.

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