• Navy sailor sentenced for not reporting recordings of undressing women on ship

    By: Letisha Bereola


    A Navy sailor admitted guilt and was sentenced for his part in the secret recordings of women undressing aboard the USS Wyoming.

    Seven sailors stationed at Kings Bay Naval Submarine base have been charged in connection to the videos.

    Sailor Brandon McGarity says he knew female midshipmen were being recorded during their most private moments aboard the USS Wyoming.

    He says another sailor recorded women by placing a cellphone near a small hole that opened into the shower area.

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    And when that sailor showed him the video, he said, he immediately walked away and never told his superiors.

    Bernita Frison, a Camden County woman, says he should have spoken up.

    “You have to think if was your mom or your sister that someone else was watching, and you find out about it ... how would you feel about it?” Frison said.

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    McGarity also said he lied to his superiors about his knowledge of the secret recordings when they were later discovered.

    He was sentenced to a two-grade reduction in rank, he must forfeit two-thirds of pay for one month and he will have 15 days of confinement in the Navy brigs. 

    “I think that is a little much, actually, for someone not to speak up. It’s different if he’s the one who did it,” Frison said.

    The officer who admitted to actually recording female officers was sentenced to two years in prison and a dishonorable discharge Tuesday. 

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