• Sailors boosting Mayport home sales

    By: Lorena Inclán


    MAYPORT, Fla. - More than 1,400 new Navy officers and sailors are starting to get settled into their new homes.

    Naval Station Mayport turned into a huge celebration Sunday as the USS Iwo Jima and the USS Fort McHenry were moored at the pier.

    Action News Lorena Inclan joined the sailors aboard the ship during its three day journey from Norfolk to Mayport. Many put in orders specifically for Naval Station Mayport and were excited to get to Florida.

    Many families were already living in the Mayport area preparing for their sailors to get home.

    “Loving it, been here about a month now without her so it'll be great to have her here,” said Anthony Miller whose wife is a sailor aboard the Fort McHenry.

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    It has only been two days since their arrival but according to Legends of Real Estate East Coast realtor Beth Davis, their impact is already evident especially in local housing market.

    “Huge, huge impact. It's great to have that area. It's an area that kind of got over looked for years and it's definitely revitalizing,” said Davis.

    Davis said since January VA closings have accounted for one third their business.

    “We are seeing a lot of interest in the area especially in the Mayport area,” said Davis.

    A Naval Station Mayport spokesperson said that by July, Iwo Jima and Fort McHenry sailors and their families had already obtained 65 housing units on base.

    Dozens more have reached out to Realtors like Davis. She said thanks to them, Mayport is on the upswing.

    “It's definitely coming back,” said Davis.

    Some sailors do still live aboard the ship, while others are living in on-base barracks. 

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