San Marco owners say new bike lanes will cause parking problems

New bike lanes are coming to San Marco but the Florida Department of Transportation project means the removal of street parking in the surrounding area.

Homeowners tell Action News Jax that eliminating parking spots will lead to problems at their homes and near the popular San Marco area.

The bike lanes are part of FDOT’s $5.4 million Hendricks Avenue resurfacing project.

On-street parking from south of San Marco Boulevard to Dunsford Road and Cornell Road to Peachtree Circle North will be converted to bike lanes.

Marty Terry lives on Hendricks Avenue and said the area fills up during events in San Marco.
He sent Action News Jax cellphone video of cars lining the road on Friday.

Mary Molenda said she’s lived in her home off Hendricks for 40 years.

“We’re told we can no longer allowed to park in front of our very own home because of the sake of bicyclists,” she said.

The homeowners tell Action News Jax that their guests will have nowhere to park.

“Are they going to tell the mailman he can’t park there? Are they going to tell UPS they can’t park there? Or my plumber?” Molenda said.

Debbie Delgado with FDOT tells us the agency worked with neighbors and came up with the best possible solution.

“As we go in and resurface new areas, we try to look and see how we can improve the area for safety,” she said. “The community will have their own parking in their driveway. But these were not designated parking spots anyway. It was city right of way and DOT right of way.”

Terry said the homeowners think improving bike safety is a good idea.

“It’s not that we’re against bike lanes,” he said. “We think that’s a great idea. We just feel there needs to be some give and take.”

FDOT said there is still plenty of parking on side streets near San Marco Square.

The project begins in January 2018 and is expected to be complete in 2019.

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