• San Sebastian Shipyard on verge of major development project

    By: Lorena Inclán


    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - St. Augustine is on the verge of going through with a major redevelopment project at the San Sebastian Shipyard.

    But the city and the developer have to agree on certain conditions.

    For years, 50 acres of the San Sebastian Shipyard have gone unused.

    But within months, people will start to see life pumped into the area.

    Shops, restaurants, and a hotel are proposed along the marina.

    The project will put the San Sebastian Shipyard back on the city tax roll but developer Bob Million says it'll bring jobs.

    "It'll create several hundred jobs, maybe as many as 300 jobs, permanent jobs," said Million.

    Developers will pay about $100 million to revitalize the land.

    But because the land is under what's called a "planned unit development," both the city and developer have to come to an agreement on the project for it to be carried out.

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    Vice mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline spoke out against some language in the initial proposal.

    "When I saw the term, "special cabaret," what came to mind was adult entertainment," said Sikes-Kline.

    But Million said the language came from the city's own code and he has no intention of including a cabaret.

    Sikes-Kline says she's excited for the redevelopment plan but wants to make sure leaders are well informed.

    The next step is to demolish these buildings and start bringing up new and improved structures.

    The developer expects the entire project to wrap up in about four years.

    Another commission meeting on the project is scheduled for early September.

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