• School resource officer accused of aggressive behavior with parent suspended for 10 days

    By: Samantha Manning


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Duval County School Board voted Tuesday to suspend school resource officer Stephen Jones without pay for 10 days.

    At the time, Jones worked for Ed White High School, where he was accused of becoming aggressive with a parent in April.

    According to records with DCPS, a parent showed up to the school for a conference concerning her daughter.

    The woman said the officer got in her face and became aggressive.

    "He began to pepper spray her, pulled the seat out from underneath her and slammed her into the brick wall,” the report said.

    The internal investigation included interviews from multiple witnesses, including students, teachers and school employees.

    The dean of discipline told investigators “students were crying because of the incident.”

    When asked about what happened, a school security guard said he "does not believe Officer Jones is a good school resource officer for Ed White High School because of his attitude toward students and staff."

    “That could weigh heavy the fact that a fellow officer has that opinion,” parent John Baxley said. “These kids are our future, and they need a proper example, too, from these officers working there.”

    The report said the internal investigation did not find evidence that Jones used unneccesary force, but it did find that he displayed conduct unbecoming.

    His personnel file showed Jones was involved in another incident at Ed White High School.

    In May, an internal investigation found that Jones failed to report a battery on a student.

    A spokesman for DCPS said Jones is now a school resource officer at Mandarin High School.

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