Schools respond to '13 Reasons Why': Netflix show starts conversation about suicide

Schools responding to new Netflix series

A popular Netflix series is sparking a serious conversation among teens. The show, "13 Reasons Why," centers on the sensitive topic of suicide.

The main character, Hannah Baker, took her own life, leaving behind 13 tapes for the 13 people she said were responsible.

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Dr. Max Horovitz, a child psychologist with Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics, said suicide is a topic parents should discuss with their kids

“Some kids are more easily influenced than others,” Horovitz said.

Psychologists aren't the only ones taking notice. School districts across the state are concerned about the shows impact on kids. Duval County Public Schools said its in the process of drafting a statement about the series.

Last week, the Palm Beach County Schools superintendent wrote a letter saying school personnel have noticed an increase in "self-mutilation, threats of suicide and multiple Baker Act incidents."

The National Association of School Psychologists issued a statement saying vulnerable youth should not watch the show.

Horovitz wants parents to use the show as an opportunity to have an open conversation.

"We want kids to know there are a lot of ways they can be helped that don't have to be suicide," Horovitz said.