• Schools take on the heat in hot temperatures

    By: Brittany Jones


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The head football coach at the Bolles School said on hot days like today, he keeps players off the field until it gets cooler. But, once they get out there, he said the players take several water breaks.

    Bolles football team would normally be out on the field a little earlier in the day, but with the hotter temperatures this week, head football coach Corky Rodgers said they are spending a little more time in the weight room before heading out to the field.

    "When they get outside and it's hot the body just can't handle it," said Corky Rodgers.

    The sun beamed on the stadium lights this afternoon with the temperature about 90 degrees, but felt like 105.

    That's a high temperature executive director of Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program, Robert Sefcik said can make students pass out.

    "Making sure that the kids are hydrated prior to going out to practice making sure they understand the need for fluids," Robert Sefcik.

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    14-year-old William Shogran Junior may have been example of practicing in dangerous temperatures.

    The football player fell ill at a football camp at Camp Blanding during practice last week. His cause of death is still unknown.  He was laid to rest Tuesday in south Florida.

    But, those tragedies are the reasons schools take precautions.

    "Before our first practice our team doctors and parents meet with the parents and the kids and we explain hydration," said Rodgers.

    Rodgers said an eight-week condition program during the summer in the heat also helps prepare.

    Sefcik recommends shorter practices, less intense drills, and minimizing equipment when not needed.

    "We've done it enough times to where we got a good idea of how to do it, and just be hopeful nothing happens," said Rodgers.

    Experts said you should keep a cooler nearby just to keep players and students hydrated. 

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