Sea turtle found dead with plastic in it's mouth at Little Talbot Island, park officials say

Loggerhead turtle found dead on Little Talbot Island

LITTLE TALBOT ISLAND, Fla. — A loggerhead sea turtle was found stranded at Little Talbot Island, according to a woman's Facebook post -- park rangers confirmed the turtle had a plastic bag in its mouth.

Action News Jax reporter Christy Turner is speaking with Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch about what the public can do to help protect sea turtles, as well as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to see if they'r eperforming a necropsy -- Turner will have that report on CBS47 at 5:55 p.m. 

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  • Sea turtles typically live between 30 and 50 years, with some documented cases of sea turtles living as long as 150 years, according to World Wildlife.
  • Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch says there have been 138 sea turtle nests so far this season.
  • Man-created factors are the biggest danger to sea turtles, according to Mary Duff with the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch.
  • Sea Turtles have a 22% chance of dying if it eats even one piece of plastic, according to researchers in Australia.
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