• Search continues for 16-year-old suspect in school bus shooting

    By: Amanda Warford


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police all over Jacksonville are on high alert as they search for 16-year-old Edgar Robles. They say Robles fired five bullets Thursday at a school bus on 118th Street.

    Robles is considered still armed and dangerous.

    “His blatant disregard for life and his reckless behavior with dire unintended consequences is shocking and alarming,” said JSO Director Tom Hackney.

    Hackney says Robles went to Ringhaver Park Thursday to fight a student on that bus, but instead two innocent teen girls were injured.

    “I truly can't say how lucky we are that these two girls are not murder victims today,” Hackney said.

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    Action News was there when 16-year-old Shakayla Singleton left the hospital Friday afternoon, smiling but with bandages on her face.

    Ayana Sherman, also 16, is still in treatment according to her mother. Her great-grandmother, Rosa Asberry says the bullet was just two inches from her brain.

    “She was shot in the back of the head. If she hadn't ducked they would have blown her brains out and she ain't done nothing,” said Asberry.

    The families of both girls want the shooter behind bars.

    “Thankfully that this was a very small-caliber handgun, of the .380 caliber nature, and that’s probably the only reason we don’t have two dead 16-year-old girls. The shot placement of these two shots is scary,” said Hackney.

    Police say Robles’ mother is cooperating with their search, but that Robles has recently been staying at various homes. They say he has no driver’s license or ID, so leaving the area would be difficult, but they are not ruling out any possibilities during their search.

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