SEND BEN: Jacksonville apartment complex tenants say construction debris damaging cars

A Lavilla woman says construction debris damaged her tires.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Tonight Action News Jax is investigating a local apartment complex where a resident says her car was damaged because of nearby construction. 
She lives at the Lofts at Lavilla in downtown Jacksonville and  Action News Jax reporter Ben Becker was sent to help her get reimbursed.



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Deborah Scholl tells Becker she felt like she was being taken for a ride when tires she purchased for $195 started going flat because of screws in her parking lot.
"Do you feel screwed?" Becker asked.

”Right now? I do ,yes,” said Scholl.

Not just one tire, but Scholl says a second and a third tire all ended up with screws in them, and at first she paid to get them plugged.

"I need new tires to drive cross country on these tires, it's dangerous," said Scholl. "I'm hoping you can help me," she told Becker. 
Becker wanted to see how bad problem is by using a metal detector but before he had a chance to, he was kicked off the property.

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Becker approached the property manager but they didn’t give him any answers, so he called the regional headquarters for WRH Realty Services and spoke with a supervisor to get Scholl answers.

About 24 hours later, Scholl sent Becker a letter showing she will receive  $195 from the realty company.

Scholl tells Becker she’s now ready to buy those new tires for her cross-country trip to California.

“I’m planning on going 2,300 miles, so I need to be safe,” Scholl said.