• Seniors try to keep cool during the hot week

    By: Brittany Jones


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Senior citizen centers are trying to keep your loved ones from out of the scorching heat.

    "It's hotter and hotter everyday," said Pearl Sydnore.

    Sydnore the heat this week has been no joke.

    "It felt like a sauna out there," said Sydnore.

    Sydnore said when she steps out the door just for one minute, it feels like the heat just smacks her.

    But she still makes the trip to the Clanzel Brown senior center several times a week.

    The center service coordinator, Carl Jackson, said the center is a place to keep cool and interact with seniors.

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    "Once they get here we have them drink a lot of water, as much as possible," said Jackson.

    Jackson said seniors are more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion.

    The center keeps a pitcher full of water and ice on the table so seniors can access it easily. Fans are given to seniors who can't afford air conditioning at home through various programs with the city.

    Eighty-year-old Nadell Garner said a "would-be thief" tried to steal her air conditioner in July.

    "They couldn't get my air condition, but they cut [it] up to where it couldn't be used," said Garner.

    So Garner said she knows how it feels to go without air conditioning.

    "Every time you go in there the sweat was just pouring," said Garner.

    Seniors said they're just thankful to have a place to go to.

    About 19 senior centers are in Jacksonville. If you need information on where to send your loved ones, you can reach the city's adult services at 904-630-3450.

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