Seven Jacksonville businesses revamping veteran's home

Veteran's home renovated by local businesses

Veteran and father Robert Hearman couldn't believe what he was living this morning.

"I was like, 'Holy crap, that’s a lot of people,'" Hearman said.

The former marine woke up to the sight of seven local companies prepared to revamp his home. A Texas-based company called the "Neighborly Project" chose the Hearman family from a pool of 30 nominated veterans in need of home improvements.

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Robert and his wife, Amber, told Action News Jax balancing work, life, and raising a 9-year-old, doesn't leave much time for home improvement projects. Amber says the plumbing in their home was fickle, and Hurricane Irma tore through their backyard fence.

"It’s just a huge weight lifted off our shoulders with that because we have a dog and it’s been falling apart," said Amber.

Robert served two tours in Iraq. He says he witnessed two of the bloodiest battles during the Iraq War in Nasiriyah and Fallujah.

"And it was," Robert paused. "It wasn’t pretty.”

Organizers traveled to Florida to change the lives of the Hearmans.

The family toldAction News Jax the materials and repairs they needed were expensive.

"Stuff's not cheap," said Robert.

In a matter of weeks, they'll have a new home, free of charge.