• Several people find their tires slashed in St. Johns County neighborhood

    By: Danielle Avitable, Action News Jax


    Over the past couple months, several tires have been slashed in a St. Johns County neighborhood, Greenleaf Village.

    People living there told Action News Jax they think a group of kids is behind the crimes.

    "It's usually probably kids in the neighborhood or people who have friends over," neighbor Jim Cook said.

    Action News Jax found an incident report filed with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office this week.

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    In it, a woman said she called AAA after seeing she had a flat tire.

    And when they came out, a razor blade was found in her tire.

    "This is just someone who is mean-spirited, who thinks this is funny or has an ax to grind with the community," St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cmdr. Chuck Mulligan said.

    And a neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, said his tire was slashed about a week ago and he also found a dent on the hood of his truck.

    "I was driving, I left my driveway, got on to 295, hit a bump and my whole tire came off," the man said.

    Mulligan said two incident reports have been filed in the past three weeks, and several people are claiming they were victims on social media.

    "When we see it throughout a neighborhood, it's a little different, especially when it's spread out over the course of weeks. That's uncommon for us,” Mulligan said.

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    And he said he wants those people who have had their tires slashed to file reports.

    "In order for us to kind of come up with a foundation as to someone who is young doing this for kicks or vengeful about this neighborhood, we need to hear from those folks," Mulligan said.

    A board member with the HOA said they put out a notice on their webpage to let neighbors know about the crimes and encourage people to leave their driveway lights on at night.

    To report an incident with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, call 904-824-8304.

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