Sewage issues resume at Camelot Gardens Apartments in Jacksonville

A Jacksonville mother is dealing with sewage backing up into her apartment for the second time in a month

Action News Jax told you when this first happened at Camelot Gardens Apartments in May.

Hours after sewage backed up into Tierra Byrd’s tub, plumbers came out to fix it, and fecal matter was left behind.

“I am furious,” Byrd said.

When it happened the first time, management replaced the carpet and sanitized the bathroom.

“Why is this happening again? That’s what’s going through my mind: Why am I going through this again?” Byrd said.

Maintenance came out to fix the backup, but the carpet won’t be replaced until Thursday and Byrd said her apartment is uninhabitable.

“I’m very scared for our health,” Byrd said.

Action News Jax spoke to management about the issue.

The manager said they extracted the sewage from the carpet and they aren’t putting Byrd up in a hotel, as they did last time.

The manager also she said the tenants caused this issue.

“It’s either her or the tenant upstairs flushing wipes, things that don’t belong in the toilet,” Mia Edmonds said.

Since our first story aired, we found out that several apartments were condemned due to unsafe conditions.

That’s one reason why Byrd said she’s not sure if moving to another unit would solve her problems

“Are they going to be any better than what these current units are? Why should I move in with other issues?” Byrd said.

Within the past year, there have been more than 100 complaints to city code enforcement.

Action News Jax contacted the city about recent complaints or violations, but we haven’t heard back.