• Sheriff's Office: Take valuables out of your car, women being targeted

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    A warning for women as we head into the weekend: Thieves are targeting women at places such as parks, beaches, gyms and restaurants.

    “You don’t feel safe at the parks now,” Reba Albritton said.

    The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office believes a group is behind the break-ins, targeting women at places where they think htey can leave their purses or wallets in their cars.

    “It’s very alarming and hopefully things will get better with more people being aware,” Karen Gurley said.

    Action News Jax found at least 10 reports of vehicle break-ins in which women were targeted just this month, and it's happening all over the county.

    “That’s crazy. I had no idea especially around here. And they are targeting women you said? That’s nuts,” Callie Zacny said.

    Amanda Hagaman said she brought her son to the park and, when she left, she saw that her car windows had been smashed.

    “There was just shattered glass all over my car. My mother-in-law left her purse on the floorboard and they had taken it,” said Hagaman.

    Several other cars were broken into during the same time that Saturday afternoon.

    “When you’re there with your kids and you think it’s a safe place to go on the weekend everyone is out and about just trying to have a good time and you have to worry about that it’s a little unnerving for sure,” said Hagaman. 

    The Sheriff’s Office advises that you take everything of value out of your car instead of just covering or hiding the items.

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