• Man who discovered body under Jacksonville bridge: 'She's got to be dead'

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    Police are looking for the person responsible for the death of 31-year-old Dana Danson.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office listed Danson’s case as the 79th murder investigation of the year. Jason Cain, the fisherman who discovered the body under the Zoo Parkway bridge, took Action News Jax reporter Ryan Nelson to the scene of the crime.

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    “She was like right here,” he told Nelson, motioning to an area along the creek’s edge covered by high tide waters at the time of the interview.

    Cain is still trying to make sense of what he witnessed.

    He says he found her partially nude body Monday morning while looking for fishing bait.

    The police report states a bikini was located below her breast on her body.

    It was the only clothing she was wearing.

    Cain tells Action News Jax it was a matter of chance he happened to be under the bridge that morning. "Something told me just go,” he said.

    He first assumed Danson, the victim, was lying on the sand before the tide came in.

    Moments later, he realized he was standing in a crime scene.

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    According to the police report obtained by Action News Jax, the left side of her face and body were discolored.

    “I seen the puddle of water sitting on her belly,” said Cain. “I see all the discoloration, she’s gotta’ be dead.”

    Action News Jax Crime and Safety expert Ken Jefferson says the discoloration was an indication of lividity.

    He tells us it could be an important clue in the investigation.

    “Could be an indication of trauma,” said Jefferson. “Could be an indication of just the body remaining still and the blood shifting over in that particular area.”

    Jefferson says investigators will likely determine a manner of death and interview family and friends.

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    He tells Action News Jax her lifestyle or past relationships could be important clues as they search for the person responsible.

    Cain tells us he can’t stop reliving the moments he made the discovery.

    Tonight, he wants the person responsible brought to justice.

    “I don’t care what kind of person she was,” said Cain. "Nobody deserves that at all.”

    Danson’s family tells Action News Jax they want their privacy, and they want answers.

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