Some Jacksonville residents will soon experience trash pickup schedule changes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Some Jacksonville residents like Michelle Carroll may soon have to place their trash out on a different day.

“I don’t like it,” said Carroll.

That’s because garbage cans fill up quickly for her family.

“I don’t agree with it because we’re used to one certain schedule and now, they’re changing it,” Carroll explained.

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But the change is part of how the city plans on keeping up with the amount of people moving into the city

“I wish they would stop changing so much,” said Carroll.

But William Schneider says the change is welcome.

“I think growth is good, you have more people coming into the city,” said Schneider.

The city says the move needed to happen to help Waste Pro provide quality service to neighbors.

“Just a one-day change, not big of a deal,” Schneider explained.

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Waste Pro, a garbage collection service, is changing its current trash pickup schedule starting Nov. 4.

If you're a part of the neighborhood affected by these changes, you will receive a calendar of the new schedule.

The schedule change is due to rapid community growth, according to the City of Jacksonville.

The changes will not affect those who live in apartment complexes, multi-family housing neighborhoods, commercial businesses or any other place that doesn't use residential trash pickup services.

Enter your address here to see your current and new trash collection schedule.