Some of 30 dogs rescued by Nassau Humane to be ready for adoption next week

PHOTOS: 30 dogs rescued get vaccinated, groomed at Nassau Humane Society

Dozens of dogs rescued from a breeder in rural Georgia are getting cleaned up and treated at the Nassau Humane Society.

“From what we hear, there was a total of 640-ish dogs and those are just the ones we know about,” Director Jacki McDonald told Action News Jax.

Officials said as many as 700 dogs were found living in 3-by-4 foot crates on a Valdosta property.

In January, Action News Jax reported the humane society took in German Sheperds from a different Georgia breeder who was charged with animal cruelty.

According to McDonald, in many cases penalties aren’t as severe.

“Most of the time it’s a slap on the wrist, it’s a $500 fine. This person was licensed breeder so he’s going to think that he was doing everything right," she said.

The 30 dogs in the care of the Nassau team have been groomed, and vaccinated.

“We’re triaging which dogs need surgeries. We have 19 that need dentals, most of their teeth are going to have to be extracted," she said.

She estimated medical bills in the thousands.

McDonald said some of the dogs will be ready for adoption as soon as next week, while other will need foster homes while they receive treatment.

The Nassau Humane Society said anyone who would like to donate to the dogs' vet bills can visit their website.