Special needs school closing, parents angry after being notified through email

A local school for special needs children is preparing to close, leaving many people without a job and kids without care in the classrooms.

Mainspring Academy is a school meant for children with special needs, so they need special care.

Parents with students who attend the school were upset when they found out through email they had less than four months to find another place to go.

For the last few years, Nincy Bitters said her son, Aden, has been receiving care from Mainsprings Academy.

She said her 11-year old son has special needs, which is why she chose this school to help him.

“He was really out of control and they help get him under control so he can go to school all day and not act out. They've done wonders with him so I'm really disappointed,” Bitters said.

That disappointment comes after she along with more than 50 other parents received an email stating the school would be closing at the end of the semester without any explanation as to why.

“It's kind of short notice for some of them. I feel bad for the other parents that have got to rush because some of the kids really need it,” Bitter said.

Mainspring teacher Elizabeth Worrell said since they're a nonprofit, board members make all the decisions. Worrell said they found about the closure the same time as parents.

“So, we've been working with parents to try and kind of figure out where our kids can go, it's definitely it's... a struggle,” Worrell said.

Now in addition to parents scrambling to finding another school for their kids, the people who work there are scrambling to find another job.

“I feel bad that they're closing,” Bitters said.

Action News Jax reached out to all the board members listed and is waiting to hear back.