St. Johns County man who murdered wife, friend calls it an 'horrible, terrible accident'

James Colley, the St. Johns County man who killed his wife Amanda and her best friend Lindy Dobbins in 2015, appeared before a judge ahead of his sentencing on Nov. 30.

Colley spoke for the first time in court, weeks after he was convicted in the Aug. 27, 2015 double murders in the Murabella community near World Golf Village.

“This was a horrible, terrible accident, and I wish it was different but it's not, Colley said. “I am sorry for all parties involved."

Colley was choked up and cried when he spoke to the judge. He could be sentenced to death for the murders.

Colley has been jailed in St. Johns County ever since the Aug. 27, 2015 murders. He was convicted in July after a trial in which he declined to testify in his own defense.


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