Spiritual advisor describes former Congresswoman Corrine Brown's life in prison

Corrine Brown's spiritual advisor speaks on prison time

For the first time, we’re hearing what life is like for former Congresswoman Corrine Brown in prison.

She has served one year of her five-year sentence.

Her attorneys are set to argue her appeal case in Atlanta on Friday.

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Brown was sentenced last year to five years in prison for fraud, filing false tax returns and more.

She’s accused of using a bogus charity as a slush fund while serving in Congress.

On Jan. 29, 2018, Bishop Kelvin Cobaris walked Brown into Federal Corrections Institution Coleman’s minimum-security satellite camp with a prayer on his lips.

Cobaris said he’s visited Brown several times since then.

“I don’t see a woman who is just in prison, like, 'Oh my god, this is the end of my life.' She has taken this experience as something for her, but also using the experience to help other people,” said Cobaris.


Cobaris said Brown is mentoring several of her fellow inmates and trying to help with their cases.

On Friday, her attorneys will argue that the federal judge in Jacksonville was wrong to dismiss a juror who said the Holy Spirit told him Brown was innocent.

“Any opportunity to get it re-heard again, that could lead her to an opportunity to be released from that facility, she’s very positive about it,” said Cobaris.

Over the past year, many Action News Jax viewers have asked why they haven’t seen Brown’s mug shot; unlike county and state corrections facilities, federal prisons rarely release them to the public.