Partially naked squatters arrested for stealing electricity in St. Augustine

Police are investigating a strange case of stolen electricity. The discovery was made after reports of a screaming woman in the woods.

Ed Osteen and his family live on 11 acres of property in St. Augustine. On Wednesday, they heard a woman who sounded like she was being attacked and called police.

According to the St. John's County Sheriffs Office, deputies found two tents in the woods and heard 41-year-old April Villanueva-Roy say, "Get off me."

They then heard Stetson Shannon, 28, say "Give me my tobacco," according to police.

Deputies said Shannon was partially dressed and Villanueva-Roy was naked.

They ordered Shannon out at gun point.

It turns out, the two were squatting on Osteen's property deep in the woods and had possibly been there for months.

"They have been stealing. Not just tools but socks, clothing, because our dryer is in our garage," Osteen said.

The suspects had set up small tents and were also allegedly stealing electricity. Both are facing various charges including trespassing and a felony for dumping more than 500 pounds of litter.

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