St. Johns County deputies need your help finding a sex predator at large

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — A registered sex predator is at large and St. Johns County deputies are looking for him .

Deputies said Lavale McLeod vanished from his listed address. However, the problem is his address listed isn't a home but it's a wooded area instead.

When people who are sex offenders or sex predators like McLeod are released from prison, if they have no physical address, and they're homeless they make up one. In this case the address happened to be in the 600 block of State Road 207, which is in a wooded area.

St. Johns County Commander Chuck Mulligan said McLeod is a registered sex predator in their county, and he now has a warrant out for his arrest.

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"Every 30 days he needs to check in with our detectives who deal with sex offenders and sex predators in St. John's county," Mulligan said.

McLeod was convicted of sexual battery on a minor in 2009 and an adult in 2010. Both who were handicapped.

Mulligan said that McLeod failed to check in so detectives went to his listed address and couldn't locate him.

That's why the warrant was issued, but after it was posted on social media many people commented with questions concerning how he was able to list this wooded area as his address.

"The Sheriff's Office doesn't mandate or dictate what that address or where that location will be. That's done by a different agency. If the citizenry doesn't agree with that law they need to talk to the lawmakers and that's not law-enforcement that's not the judge. That falls with your state legislatures or your local legislatures," Mulligan said.

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