St. Johns County gun owner protests assault rifles from front yard

A St. Johns County gun owner is protesting assault rifles and he is doing it from his front yard.

He put a fake AR-15 outside his Ponte Vedra home with a red "X" on it and he said it's causing some controversy.

“It’s nothing but a killing machine,” homeowner Nicholas Dudynskay said.

He said he believes in the 2nd Amendment and has several other handguns. But he thinks assault rifles should be banned.

“These things very simply shouldn’t be on the street,” Dudynskay said.

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 lives were lost after a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Dudynskay said he put this message outside his home.

“I just couldn’t imagine that happening to a child,” Dudynskay said.

He said the gun in his yard has caused some controversy, but he wants to get the message across that weapons like assault rifles need to be banned.

“A lot of people will stop by and they will say, 'I agree, but it’s controversial,'” Dudynskay said.

Neighbors didn’t want to speak on camera but said the toy gun should not be outside his house for everyone to see and should be removed.

The fight to end gun violence isn’t limited to his front lawn. Dudynskay said he plans to fly out to Washington D.C. for March for Our Lives.

“This is my political right, my statement, and I will definitely be in Washington March 24 for that march and I will be taking my son so our voices could be heard,” Dudynskay said.