St. Johns County Libraries will soon get virtual reality headsets for patrons

Visitors at St. Johns County Libraries may soon get to experience the world through virtual reality.

Kimberly Solis has a 12-year-old daughter and who can’t wait for St. Johns County Libraries to get its new virtual reality headsets.

“I think it’s really an asset, I don’t think it’s much of a distraction, you know, as long as we’re monitoring what they’re using it for and what they’re doing with it. It’s just the future,” said Solis.


Todd Booth, the Southeast Branch Manager says St. Johns County Libraries will have eight Oculus Virtual Reality headsets that will be circulated among six library branches.

Booth says it’s the first program of its kind throughout the St. Johns County library system.

He says they received a state grant of just under $2,900 to purchase the goggles and the games or learning experiences.

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Imagine walking through Amazon rainforest or ancient ruins all without having to leave the room. Booth says that’s the idea behind the new virtual reality headsets.

“This might be one more thing that could help, you know, educate and entertain the teens and also bring them to the library,” said Booth.

He says he would eventually like to use the googles at senior living facilities.

Solis tells us she would be very interested in trying out the new headsets and even has an idea of where she would want to visit.

“The ancient Roman Empire, I thought that would be awesome, I really like history,” said Solis.

There’s no date on when the headsets will be available, but St. Johns County Libraries officials say it should be sometime this year.