• St. Johns County parents concerned about 'dangerous' crosswalk

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    Parents of children near three St. Johns County schools say traffic is putting their kids in danger.

    They say their children use a crosswalk by a busy Dunkin Donuts and Dollar Tree on Race Track Road.

    "Cars coming from several directions at the same time, kids coming from different directions. There's no rhyme or reason for the traffic pattern," Caroline Marks said. 

    That’s how Marks described the crosswalk that children and parents use coming to and from Julington Creek Elementary School.

    "There's no visibility in any which direction and on top of that, you have kids coming through," Marks said. 

    Marks created a petition asking the county to reroute the sidewalk behind the shopping plaza. At last check, close to 100 people signed it. 

    "Something needs to change because someone's going to get hit and killed and it's going to be a kid," Marks said. 

    Deanna Vetzel said she won’t even let her child ride his bike to school because of the busy crosswalk. 

    "God forbid if something happens to him," Vetzel said. 

    She said that drivers hardly pay attention and kids nearly get hit.

    "Yesterday, there was an issue here. So it's becoming more and more common," Vetzel said. 

    Last month, Action News Jax reported the story of a fifth-grader who wrote a letter to the sheriff’s office about concerns with the crosswalk.

    The sheriff’s office told Action News Jax that extra traffic has caused the potential dangers at the crosswalk.

    "Are you going to wait before someone's dead to fix something?" James Allen said. 

    With the school less than a mile away from the shopping plaza, parents said something has to be done. 

    "They need to come up with some kind of resolution, whether they put guards out there, crossing guards," Allen said. 

    Marks said she wants to bring the petition to county commissioners to ask that they come up with a safer option for kids in the area. 

    Action News Jax reached out to the county to see if any plans are in the works and they are working to find out.

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