• St. Johns County parents fight back against school rezoning proposal

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    Rezoning is in the works to accommodate school overcrowding in St. Johns County after the district released a new option for zoning on Wednesday. 

    Some of the schools in the district are at 150 percent capacity, which is why rezoning was proposed, but some parents are concerned with how the changes will impact their children.

    There are two new schools scheduled to open for the 2017-2018 school year to accommodate overcrowding, but some parents say changing schools is an unhealthy option for their children.

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    “I think there’s something to be said for continuity for these kids to be in the same school,” said parent," Kristin Davies. 

    With the addition of the two new schools, St. Johns County Schools Superintendent Tim Forson says that means some students will be moved. 

    “If we open a school every two to three years we’ll be rezoning. We’re going to rezone every time a school opens,” said Tim Forson. 

    A newly revised plan still divides Durban Crossing, and parents say the new zoning option is unacceptable. 

    “I think it’s unhealthy - making friends and then you’re taken away from that and starting all over again,” said Davies. 

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    Parents feel so strongly about the rezoning, a petition has been started to prevent it from happening.

    “Both my daughters started crying when they heard they might be rezoning,” said Davies. 

    “We are concerned about the number of times that they’ve attended different schools in our systems. We’re looking at that,” said Forson. 

    For Davies, rezoning so often is taking a toll. 

    “If this zoning goes through this would be her third rezoning within the 5 years that we’ve lived at our house,” said Davies. 

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