St. Johns County Republican party member calls out transgender student

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — A member of St. Johns County’s Republican Party is calling out a transgender student.

Drew Adams, 16, is suing the school district to use the boy's restroom. The Republican party recently sent a letter to neighbors, saying it disagrees with the lawsuit, and so does a school board member.

Bill Korach, chairman of the St. Johns County Republican Party said Drew is confused and called Drew a girl though he identifies as a boy.

“We feel this is mistaken and ill-advised, and this girl is confused,” Korach said.

He sent out a letter, calling the LGBT community bullies. He said school board member Tommy Allen asked him to reach out to parents.

“We are very uncomfortable with this sort of thing in the public schools,” Korach said.

The letter attributed comments to Allen that “the policy would mean that any student could say they were whatever sex they wished to be on a given day and use that bathroom.”

Action News Jax reached out to the school district and was told the statement, “was not sent at Allen’s request, and he does not endorse the author’s statements and opinions.”

Drew filed a lawsuit because he said he’s being discriminated against because he’s transgender, and is being refused access to the boy’s restrooms.

“They have singled me out as different, they have told the entire school body that it’s OK to treat me as I'm different just because I’m trans,” Drew said.

“She ought to use the girl’s restroom, and I think she ought to get counseling,” Korach said.

Parent Christine Miles disagrees.

“It makes me sick, absolutely makes me sick. They have no right to judge him.”