Children robbed at gunpoint at St. Augustine park, police say

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The St. Augustine Police Department said they are searching for the suspect who robbed a group of children at gunpoint at a popular park.

The robbery happened at Project Swing park on Saturday around 9:30 p.m.

Several signs at the park read, “for your safety park is closed from dusk to dawn.”

According to the report, the victims, whose ages are redacted, were sitting at the tables in the middle of the park when a man approached them and demanded money.

In the report, one of the victims said the suspect pointed the gun into his chest when he told him he didn’t have any money.

Police said the man took $16 from one of the victims before he tried to grab a backpack from the other.

The victims told investigators when the suspect tried to take the backpack, they ran towards the parking garage for help.

Detectives said the suspect took off running in the opposite direction toward Ketterlinus gym.

By the time police responded, the suspect was gone.

Investigators said they found a bag believed to belong to the suspect near the tennis courts next to the park. It was sent to the lab for DNA testing.

Anyone with information on the suspect is encouraged to call the police department.