Deputy shoots dogs after they attacked woman, according to SJSO

Woman mauled by neighbor's dogs

HASTINGS, Fla. — A woman has life-threatening injuries following a dog attack in Hastings on Friday.

According to the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office, the woman was on her property trying to feed her cats when two Rottweiler dogs began attacking her.

When deputies and fire rescue personnel arrived on the scene, the woman was on the ground. SJSO said the dogs began acting aggressively toward them when they tried helping her.

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Lt. Keith Oke with SJSO said, “According to the deputy they were being aggressive not allowing them to approach the yard so they did engage and shoot both animals."

"All I hear is ringing in my ear from the gunshots. It was a powerful gun he used,” said neighbor Roy Crawford.

Crawford says he was hiding behind a tree when the two rottweilers came around the corner to attack St. Johns County deputies.

“He went to leap at the officer and that’s when he shot him. Then the female came around the corner and he dropped her.”

He says it was the same two rottweilers that had just mauled his 75-year-old neighbor, Tammy Degolyer, while she was outside feeding her cats.

“Miss Tammy do not deserve this, she don’t. She is a wonderful woman,” he said.

He raced over after he heard her scream and tried to get the dogs away from her cats. That’s when a trail of blood was left inside her home.

“They stripped her clothes off just about and tore up her arms her legs,” he said.

She’s now fighting for her life. But Crawford says this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“This is not the first time, not the first incident that they have complained about these dogs,” explains Crawford. ​

Rescue personnel wanted to transport her on a helicopter but couldn’t because of the weather.

The dogs belong to a family who live less than a quarter-mile away from the home. Deputies tell Action News Jax that the animal that survived was taken to a local animal hospital.

The St. Johns County Animal Control and the sheriff’s office is investigating.